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Well-designed, durable and easy to install. Our products are superb inside and out. From our rich, lustrous finishes to smooth surfaces to our solid hardware, we pay attention to every last detail as if it were the first. Reliability and excellence translate into reduced maintenance costs, superior performance and long-lasting quality.

Fleurco is unparalleled in the industry for our after-service care. We have a dedicated team in-house and on-the-road to install your doors and to answer all of your questions and concerns. We offer customized shower units with over 100,000 configuration possibilities. Plus, our orders are shipped within 48 hours*.

Our numerous beautifully designed collections easily adapt to both traditional and contemporary bathrooms. Each and every year at Fleurco, our in-house industrial design team introduces new products and new hardware which quickly become the benchmark for the industry.

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This mirror is the ideal choice for a entry, vanity, living room and bathroom. The Aliminium metal frame adds elegance and class. The polished mirror is presenting a beautiful reflection without any distortion of visual, and solid Mdf backing prevents corrosion in humid environments, make it perfect for bathroom

Mirrona is a leading global lighted mirror company.The company designs and manufactures premium quality lighted mirrors for hotels, salons, andrestaurants, as well as residential projects.

Through ongoing research and development, Mirrona are thinner, brighter, more energy-efficient, and easier to install.

The team at Mirrona is driven to deliver the highest quality mirrors, equipped with the latest features and technologies to our customers in the US and around the world.

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